IDLucy :: Happy Summer Break!

Hi! We're closed for orders for the summer.

If you submitted your order up til now, your order will be processed within our 2 week timeframe. If it's been past that, please send us an email at lucy [at] idlucy [dot] com from the email address on your account. All other emails at this time will be ignored.

IMPORTANT: Your order will NOT appear on Informed Delivery until the day before your delivery date due to our secure courier system. Please note we take many steps to ensure the safe delivery of your packages. THIS IS NORMAL.

We'll have a mailing list up sometime this month with updates for our reopen in the fall. We expect to be back around August but we'll keep you posted on our site. Check back to sign up if you're interested.

As always, thank you for your support and we hope you have a really fun summer break!

  -the Lucy Fam